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Niagara Falls International Airport Terminal Building

In the Niagara Falls International Airport terminal building which serves as the gateway to the Niagara Region, the architect set out to create a structure that is truly unique with the entire structural frame exposed to view and a roof that cascaded along the length of the building representing the rapids of the Niagara River. The roof is curved as well as warped in two directions. State of the art Building Information Modeling Software was utilized to model the roof structure and to calculate the elevation of the roof steel in three dimensions.

The project required extremely close coordination between the architect, structural engineer, and later during the construction phase, contractor's fabricator for the project working with the state of the art technology to create a truly dynamic and flowing structure. Fabricator's 3D computer model for the structure helped with an error free construction phase. Fabricator's model, depicting the connections of the various steel components of the building was recognized with a national award for computer modeling.

Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority and Stantec Consulting Group Inc. retained RE&LS, as the Structural Engineer of Record for the design of a new Airport Terminal building at Niagara Falls International Airport.

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First Unitarian Church - Roof retrofit

Louis Kahn challenged the engineering community to design a column free space of 6,500 square feet in concrete for the main sanctuary of the First Unitarian Church in Rochester, New York. The response resulted in a roof system that is an engineering marvel even today. The roof conceived by the famous architect is a combination of a post tensioned roof system and cantilevered flat plates. At the time of its construction in the early 1960's, post tensioning systems were fairly new and computer systems required to design such structures were non-existent.

The cantilevered flay plates at the four corners had cracked and sagged over the years, some as much as 6 1/2'" and thus required restoration. The cracking and sagging of the slabs also resulted in breakage of window panels and water entering the window system. Over the years, the Owner repaired the window system and revised the window head detail only to find that the slab movement would crack the windows again. A permanent solution was needed.

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Pinnacle Road North Culvert Replacement

The Pinnacle Road Culvert over Honeoye Creek Tributary, S.I.N. 16-092-055, was a stone masonry culvert with a widened concrete portion on one side. Pinnacle Road is a two lane county road with a traffic volume of approximately 1,030 vehicles per day. The existing structure was built circa 1900 and consisted of 2 spans, measuring 4' wide by 4' high.

The existing historical stone masonry culvert was beginning to fail. Careful consideration was made to preserve the look and feel of the original culvert. After determining that a new structure would better suit the life cycle, the design team looked at the unique approach of recycling and reusing what was once the stone masonry culvert. The 2 span culvert was methodically disassembled to be utilized in the proposed project.

The project was constructed primarily by a team of Town of Wheatland and Monroe County maintenance forces, supplemented by a general contractor. CP Ward was awarded a contract to furnish and install the precast concrete culvert units.

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