Bridge & Overhead Sign Inspection

Bridge and Overhead Sign Inspection 

Bridge Inspection

Since 1995, Ravi Engineering & Land Surveying, P.C. has provided capable, qualified personnel for every level of inspection required on projects within New York State. RE&LS staff has extensive inspection experience on bridges, culverts, towers, overhead sign structures.

Our specialty inspection solutions include: Biennial Bridge Inspections, Culvert Inspections, Overhead Sign Inspections,  In-Depth Bridge Inspection, and Load Rating Analysis.

Our experience includes in-depth bridge inspections in the areas of:

  • Deck evaluation surveys
  • "Hands-on" inspection of remote and/or hidden members and connections
  • In-depth inspection of fracture critical members and fatigue sensitive details
  • Obtaining core samples for laboratory testing
  • State-of-the-art field testing for crack identification, including ultrasonic, dye penetration, magnetic particle and eddy current testing
  • Strain gauge load testing programs
  • Maintenance and protection of traffic during field operations