Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering




Environmental Screenings

Our staff has extensive experience with the full range of environmental screenings and detailed studies needed to comply with NYSDOT and federal procedures.

 Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)

RE&LS offers Environmental Site Assessments (ASTM) for a wide range of property types and uses. Our staff is highly trained and experienced in identifying environmental concerns. After thorough investigation and review, RE&LS is proud to continually provide cost effective, prudent recommendations backed by complete reports on testing results and recorded data.

Call 1-585-223-3660 ext. 339 or click here to get a free quote for a Phase I ESA or Transaction Screen.

 Wireless / Telecommunications

RE&LS has been working for wireless/telecommunication firms for years performing Environmental Due Diligence investigations. Our firm employs two NYS licensed Professional Geologists, offering more than 20 years combined experience in the wireless/telecom field. RE&LS has inspected raw land for new builds, rooftop locations and co-locations on existing towers, water towers, and water tanks.

 Asbestos Inspections and Design

Our asbestos specialists are certified and experienced in the identification of Asbestos Containing Materials, quantification, abatement design and project oversight. RE&LS has conducted numerous Asbestos Pre-Renovation/Pre-Demolition Surveys for private and public clients.

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